Bible Classes

Bible Classes

From July to September of 2016, the adult class is studying Daniel on Sunday mornings, and Premillenialism on Wednesday evenings. We also offer children's classes, from age 1 to 18. Contact us for details on children's classes.

Bring your Bible and come study with us!

Date Title Speaker Series Service Files Play
01/15/17 The Letter of Philemon Brent Bishop N/A Sun AM 01-15-17_Class_The_Letter_of_Philemon.mp3
12/11/16 Baptism for Forgiveness of Sins Luther Pratt N/A Sun Bible Study 12-11-16_Class_Baptism_for_Forgiveness_of_Sins.mp3
10/30/16 Through the Veil Jeremy Paschall N/A Sun Bible Study 10-30-16_class_Through_the_Veil.mp3
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